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Information pertaining to the Then & Now Findings– Product Catalog & Services can be found by following the links provided.  This section is reserved for the founders, staff, vendors and/or anyone contributing to our continued success.  We’re ecstatic that you’re here showing interest in our antique mall located in King City, Oregon.  Our love and interest goes way back.  Our parents collected, but we can hardly say that they inspired us to do anything, but collect.  The need to supplement income for various reasons is the main inspiration, folks.

For example, from 1930 to sometime in the middle 1940’s there was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II.  Families who owned land/real estate rented rooms and sold property to supplement income.  Those who didn’t own land/real estate, sold what they had to feed their families.  Perhaps the smarter ones bought and sold used inventory as peddlers; others resorted to panhandling, while others stood in soup lines.  Even still, there were those who migrated to the gold fields, who farmed, who crafted, who essentially became self-employed.  Think about it; what would you do to feed your family, when there are no jobs?  Then & Now Findings culminated from a similar set of circumstances that occurred to two people in separate places at ruffly the same time.

We pride ourselves on presenting high-quality used goods at an affordable price, and within a thriving environment designed for collectors, entrepreneurs, and the average person.  We look for unique pieces, but emphasize popular and high demand items.  We’re in this business to move inventory into the hands of people who truly appreciate it.  We’re also in this business to inspire others who have faced similar experiences, and who have also been forced to supplement income.  In fact, we pride ourselves with being in the unique position to acquire, and then pass down inventory to participating vendors at a 50% discount.  We’re speaking from experience, when we say that we’ve never been presented with a better opportunity.

With wide aisles and uncluttered displays, this provided atmosphere is where the customer will feel welcome to browse from “Then” until “Now.”  We’ve also included an area, both online and off-line, for browsing that includes store catalogs; past and present.  We also carry used books, a small line of vintage gifts, as well as refinishing, cleaning, and crafting products for preserving and/or creating your treasures.  We hope that you’ll have a delightful experience visiting the Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall.

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