1998 Star Wars Special Edition Limited Rock Wart DS CCG Card


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We presently have the following piece without its original packaging–- beautifully colored; deeply desired for display and/or use; excellent condition – no scratches, fading, whatsoever.


This item is very ornamental and worth collecting; it’s of interest to collectors and dealers around the world for a great many reasons. It’s certainly a very highly valued and sought after item, to say the least.

  • Heavy demand/dwindling supplies!
  • RETRO gift-ware, & clearly sold-out!
  • Get it while you still can; while supplies last!

If you are a collector and/or dealer in “Star Wars Trading Card” products, then we think this piece, in particular, will interest you. We fully appreciate this piece; its condition being that it’s both MINT, in high demand

This item’s condition, considering its age, makes it unique, and very special. It’s clearly been treasured for many years, and with a little luck, treasured for many more years to come.

This is a great addition at a fantastic price. It will be wonderfully clean and shiny and packaged with care, should you add this cool collectible to your collection.

This particular piece looks like it hasn’t been used at all, and it still has the beautiful factory shine. Star Wars Trading Card(s) are very popular.

A 18 Year Old By Our Estimates!

This is a very nice piece and worth preserving, since it’s MINT!

    Product Features:

  • One high-demand and MINT keepsake:

    Retro: ” Rock Wart DS
  • Weight (oz): 0.03
  • Dimensions (in): 3.50 x 2.50 x 0.01

The text on this item reads as follows: ” Rock Wart ” & ” Fast­-moving, insect-­like pest. Scavengers in rocky, secluded habitats. Hides in shadows and attacks when surprised. Nearly 1 meter long. ” & ” SCAVENGER CREATURE ” & ” FEROCITY = 2 ” & ” CARAPACE = 2 ” & ” Habitat: planet sites. Landspeed = 2. Ferocity +2 when present at Bluffs or any canyon. ” & ” DEPLOY = 2 ” & ” FORFEIT = 0

If you, and/or someone you know has any for trade, and/or sell, we’d certainly be interested.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 oz
Dimensions 3.50 x 2.50 x 0.01 in