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Appraisals—  This is an art, to say the least; an act of assessing something and/or someone, so an expert estimate is then highly sought after.  However, all the expert evidence in all the world will not make that someone and/or something sell for more than someone is willing to pay.  Having expert estimates on paper is good for a number of reasons; here are some:  Then & Now Findings catalogs and tracks anything and everything.
We’re experts at producing raw data, and harvesting data from other creditable sources.  More importantly, we’re quite capable of making informed decisions from both primary and secondary sources.  Our qualitative and quantitative research is second to none; our hypothesis are tested in real world environments, but it’s not rocket science.  Bring your inventory; let’s share experiences, and show the world.

Bargains—  All participating vendors will be given a 50% discount on Then & Now Findings (TANF) inventory.  Discounts between vendors is between the participating vendors, and only includes TANF, if this arrangement is submitted in writing.
Then & Now Findings will be operating a tag sale that includes participating vendors only; Colored “10% Off,” “25% Off,” “50% Off” and “75% Off” tags that rotate biweekly on Monday’s prior to opening the store.  In theory, an item that does not sell well within this tag sale hierarchy is then subjugated to “Clearance” via a “Clearance Sale” and/or by having it decommissioned, and/or removed from the retail location altogether.
At the time of decommissioning, the item in question will be re-evaluated: bought, sold, traded, recommissioned, cosigned, scrapped, donated…etc.  Twice per month, the Then & Now Findings team will run large banner promotions outside and in front of the store:  a “Half-off Day” promotion.  Special Mall-wide sales and promotions will be held on a regular basis and may be held at other times of the year honoring special events and holidays.

Estate Sales—  The Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall offers a competitive and very comprehensive “Estate Sale Program” with actual buyers waiting for the inventory you’re selling.  An “Estate Sale”, also called a “Tag Sale” in some parts of the country, is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family and/or estate.  Estate sales are more than just garage and/or yard sales.  Estates sales are utilized when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, and/or death.  The Then & Now Findings– Estate Sale Program has no equal; you’ll never find anyone more dedicated to your family/bottom-line than we.
Our experts, by invitation only, will come to your home/business, and perform the very services we provide to anyone wishing to sell inventory within the Then & Now Findings architecture.  That is with one exception:  This store is located within your own home/business environment in most cases.  The Then & Now Findings dedication doesn’t stop there; we’ve a pool of vendors, that includes us, who are needing the very inventory that you’re selling.  Why stop there; why not try selling on consignment and/or try vending yourself at the Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall.

Gift Wrapping & Packaging—  At Then & Now Findings, we will wrap any customer’s selection at no additional charge; for jewelry and other small items, we will also furnish boxes.  In some cases, participating vendors will supply these materials, or be assessed a charge.  Many of the wrapping and packaging materials are provided free to both vendors and customers, and may even be promotional in nature.  For example, paper bags with handles are stamped with the Then & Now Findings logo.
In most cases, unless stated otherwise, inventory is provided both online and off-line for resell; online purchases are shipped or delivered, and in most cases, but not in all cases, the customer is assessed a shipping charge.  Vendors can opt to cover the shipping charge at any time.  Inventory acquired online can also be held within the store and/or warehouse for pickup, as well.  Inventory acquired off-line within either the store or warehouse may be shipped with an ensuing shipping charge.
Shipping rates are available by request only, unless stated otherwise.  Most shipping is limited to within the continental United States with exception to a very few special cases.  Every effort will be made to protect inventory from damage, and more often than not, shipped inventory is insured as part of a shipping package.  Bubble-wrap, strong tape, boxes, tissue paper…etc. are shipping materials we favor here at Then & Now Findings.

Holds & Layaways—  We will hold inventory for up to 48 hours at the customer’s request; item(s) on hold will be transferred to the Then & Now Findings– Warehouse with a “Hold Tag” attached to it/them.  Sales and promotions are applicable at the time of acquisition only; inventory on hold is not an acquisition.  For example, if a customer places inventory tagged at “25% Off” on hold, returns 48 hours later to find that the same inventory is now tagged at “50% off,” The Then & Now Findings team will sell the held inventory at the “50% off” special.  That was then; this is now.
The Then & Now Findings– Layaway Plan is available starting at 25% down.  Additional fees include a one-time setup fee of $10.00, storage fee’s and if applicable, cancellation fee’s and restocking fee’s.  Some positive aspects of this layaway plan are as follows:  Interest-free purchasing power, more buying options, availability of high-demand inventory, availability online, easy acceptance criteria…etc.  For example, we’ll store your acquisitions only shipping them on special days and/or holidays to anywhere within the continental United States.  Placing inventory on layaway insures that high-demand inventory is available during busy seasons.
The risks of this layaway plan are as follows:  Applicable fees, down payments, strict payment terms, and the potential for loss.  Default on this agreement may result in the loss of inventory and/or refunds in all or in part of.  Naturally, every effort will be made to avoid this from happening, and/or mitigating the negative effects for all those involved.  Basically, the Then & Now Findings– Layaway Plan works by allowing the consumer to pick out items that they want to place on layaway; we’ll then add things up to determine the down payment of 25%.  We’ll calculate the applicable fee’s that includes the one time setup fee, the storage fees, and if applicable. the cancellation and restocking fees.
Basically, the customer makes payments, and thus, by doing so, they keep out of default; going into default generally means forfeiture of goods and/or funds.  Make payments as frequently or as infrequently as you’d like, but don’t go into default.  We’ll gladly store this inventory indefinitely for a fee; paying the vendor takes precedence, however.  Once the purchase price, and the ensuing fees are settled, the customer can choose to pick it up free of charge, and/or have us ship inventory for a nominal fee.  The customer can cancel at anytime; in all or in part of; there is a cancellation and restocking fee, however. As for storage fee’s, the vendor and customer split that burden 50/50 until the vendor is paid in full; after that, the customer incurs the burden alone, which isn’t much.
Folks there are teeth in this layaway plan for a reason; for one, our vendors and TANF need to get paid.  If by chance default occurs, it will mean that the fees occurred at a faster rate than the payments occurred by simple math.  We here at Then & Now Findings will make every effort to prevent a default from occurring; the user experience is a very high priority; a positive experience is a must.

Internet Marketing & Sales—  The Then & Now Findings– Marketing & Sales team will coordinate and perform marketing and sales on select online websites that include, but are not limited to the Then & Now Findings website.  Make no mistake; we’re powered, and have been since 1999.  Auctions, Classifieds, Directories, Search Engines are all mediums we’re very well versed with.  Sales via the Internet may contain additional fees, such as, commissions, listing fees…etc.  All of this will be communicated on a case-by-case basis.  In any case, this service is opt-in and/or value-added only; part of the total service folks.

Payment Processing—  The Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall accepts all major credit/debit cards, Paypal & cash only.  Checks will be accepted only on a case-by-case basis; we’d like to establish a relationship with those that are writing checks first.  No offense intended.

Reference Library—  The reference collection located at the Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall contains both old and new information.  All guides, both online and off-line are very useful, and for many reasons; we don’t call ourselves Then & Now Findings for nothing.  You’ll find everything from A through Z in these guides, i.e. what we’ve had, what we have, and what we want…etc.  You’ll know what we know through our findings; our dedicated research.  You’ll know where something has gone, how much it went for, and so much more.

Restoration & Repair—  Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall will provide customers with professional references, including phone numbers, but will not be performing the services directly at this time except in very rare cases concerning collectible dolls.  We do have a expert doll collector who not only manufactures dolls, but also repairs them while she has time.

Shipping & Handling—  Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall will provide out-of-state shipping for customers at the carrier’s rate, which usually is paid for by the customer unless stated otherwise.  International shipping is performed in very rare cases.  In most cases, insurance is included.  All sales are final; we have a no return policy except in very rare cases.

Vintage-inspired Gifts—  At the Then & Now Findings– Antique Mall new gifts (labeled as new) are selected for their antique style, quality and collector’s appeal.  Items include soaps, frames, seasonal collectibles, arts, crafts, re-purposed and/or up-cycled inventory…etc.  And where would we be by not mentioning Shabby Chic?

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