Thank you for your interest in the Jatslo!® Antique Mall.  The following information below is developed for success within a proven track record.  We’ve been in this business for several years and have the recipe for success.  This isn’t about simply renting space and collecting commissions, this is about providing an environment, in which everyone can thrive.  We are not successful unless you are; unless the customers are.


          Promoting people, places and things is our specialty; we are partnered with the “Jatslo!® Marketing & Web Design Specialists” team.  Jatslo has been promoting people, places and things for more than 16 years both online and off line.  We also produce media and training to vendors, which may also include an entire 21st-century website.
          The Jatslo! Antique Mall will also invest in applicable advertising both online and off-line, including, but not limited to:  Promotional merchandise, promotional items, promotional products, promotional gifts, and/or advertising gifts; also sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag, these articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo) will be utilized to market.

Payout Settlements

          Sales on the vendor’s/owner’s inventory (less the expenses) will be distributed on the 1st of every month via the United States Postal Service unless otherwise agreed to in writing.  Payout will include all closed sales beginning and ending at 12:00 AM on the 28th of each month.  This will allow for a couple of days of processing each month with exception to February, which is 28 days in common years or 29 days in leap years.  Please bare with us in February.

Discounts, Sales & Promotions

          All vendors will be given a 50% discount on Jatslo!® Inventory.  Discounts between vendors is between the participating vendors, and only includes Jatslo!®, if this arrangement is submitted in writing.
          Jatslo!® will be operating a tag sale that includes participating vendors only; Colored “10% Off,” “25% Off,” “50% Off” and “75% Off” tags that rotate biweekly on Monday’s prior to opening the store.  In theory, an item that does not sell well within this tag sale hierarchy is then subjugated to “Clearance” via a “Clearance Sale” and/or by having it decommissioned, and/or removed from the retail location altogether.
          At the time of decommissioning, the item in question will be re-evaluated:  bought, sold, traded, recommissioned, cosigned, scrapped, donated…etc.  In any case, the item moves back into the warehouse, which is more affordable to rent.  Vendors who opt out of the “Sales & Promotions” will still be required to keep their inventory fresh and interesting, to say the least.  Also, vendors/owners may run promotions of their own; be sure to inquire about that.
          Twice per month, the Jatslo!® team will run large banner promotions outside and in front of the store:  a “Half-off Day” promotion.  Folks, we are in the business of moving inventory, keeping that inventory fresh and ever-changing, but most importantly, we need a lot of supply for a lot of demand in a fast paced and thriving environment.


          Jatslo!® carries its own insurance that protects its property that includes items on consignment.  Each dealer, however, should carry their own insurance for their own protection.  Jatslo!® cannot insure inventory that it doesn’t own.  The signed lease acts as a waiver in removing management from any and all wrong doing.

Inventory Criteria

          The Jatslo!® Antique Mall reserves the right to maintain inventory that is of the highest quality, condition and demand.  By definition, Jatslo!® is not a “Flee Market,” “Thrift Store,” “Garage Sale” and/or “Yard Sale.”  An “Antique” is at least 50 years old, Vintage is about 20 years old, Retro maybe more recent, but not “In Fashion.”  Our mall requests that items be no more than “Retro.”  Everything is documented and cataloged with strong emphasis on “Supply & Demand.”  This is not to say that overstock cannot be stored in the order in which they are received, and within our warehouse.

Lease Terms

          In the perfect world, all the Jatslo!® expenses will be paid on the 1st of every month shortly before we issue a paycheck.  If by chance a vendor did not generate a check, and we pray this never happens, an ensuing bill will be sent out in place of a Paycheck.  All vendor’s who fall within this category are then subject to review, whereas a quick and prompt settlement is desired.  We’re reasonable; we’re willing to take things in trade, but cash is the easiest way out.  In the worse case, you items will be removed from the retail area and placed in secure storage, until the bill is settled. We pray that never happens.

Best Offers

          At Jatslo!®, one of our highest priorities is to finalize a sale at the time of interest.  Therefore, any customer who makes an offer of less than or equal to 10% off, or $50.00 off the listed price will be automatically approved.  However, if a customer makes an offer that falls outside that designated minimum, then by default, we will contact the vendor/owner via telephone, (Talk/Text), before finalizing the sale.  Any vendor/owner can opt out of this policy, but know this, we will be logging these occurrences from a business perspective.  Also, any vendor/owner who cannot be reached via phone that results in a lost sale will have that occurrence logged, as well.

Price Tags

          Blank price tags can be obtained from management for a nominal fee, and only approved tags can be utilized.  The colors White, Blue, Green, Red, Violet & Yellow are used to differentiate items that are subject to a “Tag Sale” from those that aren’t.  All price tags should be written in the following manner:
Dealer #: — Item #:
Short Description:
Height: — Length: — Weight: — Width:
Listed Price:

Return Policy

          With exception to very rare cases, Jatslo!® has a “No Return Policy.”  All sales are final.

Payment Processing

          The Jatslo!® Antique Mall will accept all major credit cards, Paypal and/or cash at the time of sale.  The vendor/owner will be assessed any applicable fees associated with payment processing.  Additionally, we will report and pay your sales tax, if any, unless you notify us otherwise.  Special Mall-wide sales and promotions will be held on a regular basis and may be held at other times of the year honoring special events and holidays.  Dealers are very highly encouraged to participate in Mall-wide sales, but are not required.  Now, if after trust is established, we’ll accept checks, but until then.

Setup & Tear Down

          A vendors inventory must remain in the appropriate boundaries set forth by the Jatslo!® management team.  Inventory may only enter and exit the building during regular store hours unless otherwise prearranged.  No individual vendor’s sale/discount signs are allowed unless otherwise prearranged by the Jatslo!® management team, as we have mall-wide sales events.  Vendors are expected to keep their inventory fluid, clean and orderly.  All inventory leaving the building, must be checked out, and logged off the system.
          Any inventory being brought into the store must be cataloged, if not already, and logged into the system.  Retail space is limited; however, there is ample warehouse space, which is more affordable.  In the event the retail store is full, a vendors inventory may be staged within the warehouse on a first come; first serve basis, whereas inventory moving out of the retail location will be replenished from the staged inventory.  All inventory, whether it be in the store or warehouse is cataloged and available online unless otherwise withdrawn from the online environment, and done so in writing.

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